Fordham Hall

Fordham University Project.

Artist 1:

Universal Studios Project - Orlando .

Urban Landscape Watercolor New York painter Gorgi Dimov is winner of many art show awards. He completed two art projects in Florida and New York.


2003 Student at National Academy of Design , School l of Fine Arts Sharon Sprung, Elizabeth, O'Reily David Dewey, Michele Li Calsi. 

2000 Student at  Art Student League Ronald Sheer, Irwin Greenberg.

1999 Student - Art Restoration Work Shop Anton Rusev, New York, NY

1996 The National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, Graduated

1991 Student in Art Restoration Work Shop, Johanes Dininghoff Diisen, Germany

1976 School of Fine Art G. Dimitrov, Kardjali, Bulgaria 

Representing Galleries:

Ditra Fine Art Gallery, 226 E. 83rd St, New York, New York, 10028 

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Queen Art Gallery

​​​​​​​​​​​​Queen Art Gallery