Elizabeth- Lizo Shahenian is an accomplished artist whose works adorn the walls of some of the most esteemed locations and private collectors in North America, Asia and Europe. Born in 1950 in Armenia, She decided to follow her dreams and moved to U.S. in 1983 and was fortunate to live and paint in beautiful coast of California. 

In style that Elizabeth  decribes is a Fusion of Realism and Contemporary Impressionism. She creates beautiful works of art that display luscious colors and marvelous depth of feeling.


Oil Painters of America

California Art Club

Women Painters of America


Representing Galleries

Whites Fine Art & Restoration Gallery, Montrose, CA

Queen Art Gallery, Granada Hills, CA

SNMFA, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas, Nevada

Fine Art America, ArtSlant, askArt .....FASO


"Koi Habitat" series

"Captivating is certainly a quality that could describe Lizo's art, as her pieces are supremely present and inspiring, and her Koi Habitat series is blessed with a delicate strength that intimates a timeless quality devoted of any attachment to trend of fashion, locale or tradition. Her ability to present the vision of the Koi through the glistening sparkle of the water as they linger teasingly  just below the surface is beautiful and evidence of a accomplished technical ability. This series of vibrant brushwork is and innocent study of Koi fish that boasts an imaginative color choice resulting in a fresh, deep and exotic celebration of these symbols of affection".  

                                                                                                                             By Timothy Broughton, ArtLA.com


​​​​​​​​​​​​Queen Art Gallery

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